CryptoKitties on HTC Devices: Mobile App Coming Soon!

CryptoKitties HTC partnership: CryptoKitties on HTC devices is perhaps something one would never have thought to have seen, but it’s happening anyway.

In an attempt to create new perspectives on data privacy, Taiwanese phone maker HTC has announced a partnership with CryptoKitties, which is a game created by Vancouver-based Axiom Zen.

Specifically, a version of CryptoKitties will be added to HTC devices.

It’s been a while since CryptoKitties has found itself making headlines. Perhaps the last time, really, was when the company announced that Stephen Curry joined its team, an announcement that was followed by the NDA hitting CryptoKitties with a lawsuit over it.

Yesterday, however, CryptoKitties is back in the spotlight, and this time, things are looking better.

On Tuesday, CryptoKitties announced that it partnered with HTC. HTC also published pieces of the news on its website, which indicated things like where in the world CryptoKitties on HTC devices will be available first.

In the statement, the company indicated that CryptoKitties will first be available on the U12+, which is an HTC flagship phone launched on the market in June.

The company then said that the CryptoKitties mobile app version of the crypto game will be launched on the HTC device by the end of 2018. It’s likely both companies want to see how well the crypto game is received on the U12+, and plans will move forward if the response is positive.

On the HTC website, the phone manufacturer indicated that the CryptoKitties mobile app will be offered to users in the United States.

It is possible that, in time, other HTC markets will be eligible to use the CryptoKitties mobile app, but as for right now, it’s going to be restricted within the walls of the United States.

Moreover, the Taiwan-based company said that it wants to create a community of blockchain-based apps for its users, and CryptoKitties will be the first of many.

It doesn’t end there, either. The CryptoKitties mobile app will be on both the U12+, and it will be added to the app offerings for HTC’s Exodus smartphone. This is the company’s blockchain-focused device, making HTC the first major brand to roll out a phone based around blockchain.

What do you think of CryptoKitties being put on HTC devices? Would you use the CryptoKitties mobile app?

It will be interesting to see how well CryptoKitties and HTC work together, considering both are well-known companies with a lot to offer.

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