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Willy Woo Predicts Bitcoin Will Fall Further

The broader market selloff has wiped $146 billion off of the cryptocurrency market in the last three weeks alone. The majority of the top ten coins posted a double-digit decline in the previous week. Cardano (ADA) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH) were among the biggest losers. Both coins lost 25% of their value last week. Ethereum (ETH) was the third biggest loser followed by Stellar (XLM) and IOTA (MIOTA).

22 EU Countries Sign Blockchain Partnership – Progress Made

22 EU Countries Sign Blockchain Partnership: Digital Day 2018 was held yesterday, and the European Commission lead the signing of a Declaration which constructs a European blockchain partnership made up of 22 European countries. The EC’s VP, Andrus Ansip, called on Europe to lead the way in digital innovation by embracing blockchain technology and artificial intelligence. In his speech yesterday in Brussels he said:

Scams and Frauds Continues Impacting Cryptocurrency Market Credibility

Crypto scams and frauds are tightly connected to the cryptocurrency markets due to their unregulated nature and lack of trading guidelines. Regulators, analysts and advertisement companies have been criticizing crypto coins with concerns related to illegal activities. Mark Carney thinks crypto traders are fools while Business magnates like Bill Gates and Warren Buffet call it a market for criminals.

The LitePay Scandal: Where is Litecoin (LTC) Now?

LitePay was supposed to bring new light to Litecoin (LTC). LitePay was not only going to offer a new crypto wallet specific for LTC, but also the LitePay debit card, which users could have used to convert Litecoin into U.S. fiat currency. Instead, ineffectual business handling and less-than-communicative responses have led LitePay to lose its support from the Litecoin Foundation and for the whole operation to be shut down.

Bitcoin and Ripple Are Threatening Traditional Financial System – Here’s How

Traditional Financial Systems all around the globe are among the most significant critics of cryptocurrencies, amid the emerging possibility that cryptocurrencies can steal a massive amount of market share from banks in the days to come. Cryptocurrencies don’t require any intermediation for processing the transaction; this phenomenon allows digital currencies to complete the transaction in less time with lower cost when compared to banks.

Cryptocurrencies – Excitement is Limited

Despite several warnings and intensifying regulatory actions, there is cryptocurrency excitement today as traders are vigorously capitalizing on the buying opportunities. Bitcoin price moved to the range of $8,000 after hitting the new support level of $6,000; all this happened in only 24 hours.

Stellar (XLM) Vs. Ripple (XRP), Who Reigns Supreme?

It has been quite a crazy few weeks for the now ninth largest cryptocurrency, Stellar (XLM). Just two days ago, the digital currency was competing for the fifth largest spot. Currently, XLM is trading at $0.061 a coin, down -25% for the day. It is down, -32% from its record high of $.91 reached back on January 4th. Still, Stellar is up 454% for the month and a crazy, 304,900% for the year.